Thursday, March 28, 2013

Interview: Weot Skam (Penang, Malaysia)

A friend of mine, Wajib Ali told me that he did an interview via facebook with a hardcore punk band, Weot Skam. Originally from Penang, Weot Skam has been around for about a decade in our local scene and interestingly, they have good news for us. Wajib Ali gave me this transcript about several weeks ago, sorry for the late publish. Enjoy.. 


1. What is the meaning for Weot Skam?

Dzul (Throats and Scriptures) - Weot Skam mean We Express Ourselves Through SKateboarding And (hardcore) Music. That's the name we choose in a day one as we are all skaters and listened to hardcore punk back then. Now some line up changing and not all in Weot Skam skate. So the meaning is not a big deal. Skating is punk. Skateboarders are anarchist.

2. Weot Skam genre is punk right? Punk normally rebel. If Weot Skam is punk, what kind of rebel are Weot Skam and how rebel are you?

Dzul - Every punk band have their own way to describe what rebel mean. If you say shitting on the street is rebel or skating the ledge and rail in the mall is rebel, than rebel it is. It's up to you. For me rebel is a huge word. Weot Skam lyrics are always deal with society. How we hate today's society, how we hate television and how we even hate some people in a punk scene as well. We dont give a fuck who are you. We have no respect for how people look with nice clothes. You see, the world now is sick. The world will die soon and that's the only good thing should be happen.

Leon (5 String Machete and Backing Moans) – As pa said by Dzul, today’s society has been ‘blissfully’ ass-fucked by a fist clenched with all forms of hypocrisies, and societal upheavals; it’s just too disgusting and vile, that even our ‘socio-commentary’ lyrical approach is just not enough of a ‘slap-in-the-fucking-face’! But then again, we do NOT discriminate on who we hate whatsoever, for the entire human-race should fall, mortified, and be pounded into fucking dust…

3. Is there anyone change their mind because of Weot Skam? If yes or no, what are Weot Skam's plan to change people's mind?

Dzul - I don't know if there's people change their mind after listening to Weot Skam. How the hell did I know then. We are not planning to change people mind. We just writing songs about the thing we hate. If people think watching tv is stupid and better just watch Kung Fu movie the whole time, then we think that a cool thing to do.

Leon – If our music is perceived to be an aural-apparatus in changing the thoughts and opinions of the enfeebled human mind, then WHY THE FUCK NOT right?! *laughs out loud* Again, I second to Dzul’s thoughts, for example - if people were to start realizing how capable humans can be in committing ‘EVIL’ upon this putrid earth by listening to Weot Skam’s music, then it’ll just be a tad bit easier to assemble an army of my own, coined as “T.A.H.D.S” (The Anti-Human Death Squad) \m/ *Ok, I got carried away…*

4. What Weot Skam think about Independence Day and what Weot Skam think people should do on Independence Day?

Dzul - We don't care about Independence Day or any other day. We never plan what we going to do tomorrow. We just live the life. We don't give a fuck either what people want to do on Independence Day as long as they not bothering us. Just go fuck yourself in any day you want (Independence Day or Christmas Day, or Raya Day).

Leon – What Independence Day? All I know is I’m fucking disappointed that the “21.12.2012” predicted-apocalypse didn’t take place…Next time HUMANS…NEXT FUCKING TIME!!!

5. What Weot Skam think about other genre music example heavy metal, hip hop, goth, k-pop and others?

Dzul - I think heavy metal is cool. I like some hip hop music such Public Enemy or Beastie Boys. Other than that can go fuck off.

Leon – Do check out my other 2 Metal bands that I play in J \m/ - Dissectomy (Penang - Tyrannical Death Metal, in which I do the vocals and bass), NonserviaM (Penang - Melodic Death Metal, in which I do the deep throating…I mean vocals)

6. What Weot Skam want to say to their fans and to all people?

Dzul - We might have some people who like our music but we have no fans really. By the way I would like to say to people out there, Weot Skam is releasing new CD. Please do not buy the cd if you are so easy to get offended or you are emo shit motherfucker. We're fucking hate you all!

Leon – Fuck the Human-Race! J


  1. byk mencarut haha tapi xpa haha biasala bro...bro bagi la link utk band ni...myspace ke, reverbnation ke, soundcloud ke, facebook ke...

  2. Dasyat depa nih.. :0
    Anarki!! Anarki!!

  3. Adi Herman,

    link dia boleh tekan kat bawah gambar atas tu, semua tulisan warna biru ada link.. :)


    Fex Darwish,

    haha.. support local bands!

  4. punk not dead!..walaupun attitude diorang ni agak kasar,tapi diorang ni aku tengok bagus dalam berkarya. nak keluarkan cd pun kan..dah nama pun punk,peduli apa dengan orang lain..heheh

  5. Akhirnya, saya berjaya salah 1 impian daripada beberapa impian saya dengan pertolongan sahabat saya Kaboi Tanduk, Dzul & Leon ( Ahli Weot Skam ).Dalam kategori Hardcore Punk, Weot Skam yang pertama menyentuh hati saya seperti mana dalam kategori lagu Heavy Metal,Iron Maiden. Support local band and support all the band you love in this universe !! . Terima Kasih Kaboi Tanduk,Dzul & Leon ;-)

  6. Ye tak ye jugak kan bro...haha sori...perghh boleh tahan band ni!

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