Friday, February 1, 2013

Eddie Vedder: Don't Be Shy

Sebenarnya entry ni masih lagi berkait dengan Cat Stevens.. hehe. Ok, dalam bebanyak cover lagu Cat Stevens, aku rasa Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) paling best, dia cover lagu "Don't Be Shy". Crowd dalam video ni pun best. Selain "Don't Be Shy", dia jugak selalu cover lagu "Trouble", salah satu lagu Cat Stevens yang memang evergreen..

Untuk pengetahuan, Eddie Vedder dalam satu temubual, bila ditanya tentang inspirasi ketika menulis soundtrack untuk filem Into the Wild, dia sebut pasal soundtrack Cat Stevens untuk filem Harold and Maude. Katanya,
When I was 12, I remember seeing the movie, Harold And Maude, a film that is accompanied by several Cat Stevens songs. Cat’s voice represents the interior voice of the character throughout the movie, and he does it absolutely perfectly.
It’s a perfect synergy between film and music, and it really inspired me to try writing for film. Take the final scene, where it looks like Harold is going to drive off the cliff, with the rain hitting the windshield, and you know how he feels. Suddenly they play “Trouble” by Cat Stevens, and it’s utterly overwhelming, heartbreaking. So seeing it work there made me think I could give it a go.*