Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Listen to this!

Land Gigs

A warm welcome to all peoples from all around the world. This is my blog and you are now currently listening to Noxshi. Noxshi is a new band and they offer you a very unique sound of something old and something new. 
Rocked as hard as Audioslave - Island Records
Since they are young and talented, they like to experiment a lot. If you like my videos on youtube and also my thoughts about music in this blog, perhaps this is the sound that you're looking for. Like what Marvin Berry have said to Chuck Berry in Back to the Future film, 
You know that new sound you're looking for? Well, listen to this!
The song you are now listening comes from TuneWidget. It have 6 widgets in 1 - Info, Songs, Videos, Pictures, Blog/Buzz and "Join the Mailing List". Plus, some songs are available as free downloads. All you need to do is explore it by clicking the tab above. Enjoy yourself! 

Recommended Songs: X, Le Cyclone, Mesh Voyeurist, Aliyah. 

P.S: If you like their songs, play as much as you can to help me win their debut album! You also can join the competition. Just be a fan of Noxshi at Reverbnation and join their Street Team Mission before 21/9/2010.

Kaboi Tanduk
Noxshi's Street Team Missioner


Genres: Progressive, Alternative, Rock, Psychedelic.


Fusing melody, ambiance and heavy riffing to chimerical effect Noxshi conjure thoughts of Zappa, Nirvana and Hendrix. Infectious songs interweave with improvisations amid the spiraling sounds of the infinite. The band have recently completed the recording of their debut album ‘The Way They Lush’. Mixing duties were undertaken by David Tickle (Prince, Peter Gabriel and U2) with mastering by Howie Weinberg (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Soundgarden, The Mars Volta, Jeff Buckley, Kyuss). To support the album Noxshi have produced a video for the track ‘Mesh Voyeurist’ which sees the band play on their psychedelic imagery of dream worlds and carnival. 

Formed in North London in mid 2008 Noxshi grew out of the central axis of singer Yoriyos and guitarist Hallam Kite. Swedish bassist Alex Gabay brings an unorthodox, highly rhythmic playing style. Keys, samples and atmospherics are provided by Ben Steer. The Drums on ‘The Way They Lush’ were recorded by Philippe Boudot who has, since the recording process, been replaced by another Swede, Erik Fastén. The name Noxshi (Knock-she) relates to an area of the Caucasus, a region that represents the meeting of the Islamic East with the secular West. (READ MORE)


  1. selamat hari raya jugak!
    and keep on rocking..

  2. matakucing, band ni mmg menarik utk dikaji dan dihayati..hehe

    slmat ari raya jugak!

    p/s: frontman/founder band ni anak kepada Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens). let's see what he can offer.