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Soal jawab bersama Steve Hackett

Antara sebab aku tabik Steve Hackett adalah dia akan menjawab setiap soalan yang diajukan kepadanya. Gitaris bertaraf legenda dahulunya band Genesis ini memang tak jemu-jemu menjawab soalan peminatnya walaupun dia tengah sibuk dengan tour.

Kebiasaannya kalau sebut Genesis orang akan ingat Phil Collins sebagai frontman. Steve Hackett walaubagaimanapun lebih dikenali sebagai lead guitarist kumpulan itu ketika Peter Gabriel sebagai frontman.

Selepas Peter Gabriel keluar, Steve Hackett hanya buat dua album dengan Genesis dan akhirnya dia pun mengikut jejak langkah Peter Gabriel sebagai artis solo. Kesan daripada pengunduran Steve Hackett, hala tuju Genesis mula berubah daripada progressive rock kepada muzik ringan pop rock yang dikepalai oleh Phil Collins.

Kepada yang tak dapat lagi gambaran siapakah Steve Hackett dan sumbangannya dalam dunia muzik, dia antara orang terawal yang bereksperimen dengan teknik tapping sebelum dipopularkan oleh Van Hallen, sama jugak dengan teknik sweep-picking sebelum dipopularkan oleh Yngwie Malmsteen.

Sesi soal jawab ini dikendalikan oleh Steph Kennedy melalui facebook yang bertindak mengumpul dan menghantar soalan-soalan kepada Steve Hackett. Aku antara orang yang sempat bertanyakan soalan kepadanya. Selamat membaca!

Alison Henderson: You were seen at the Porcupine Tree gig at the RAH and appeared with Transatlantic at High Voltage. Which other bands do you think carry the torch for prog rock currently.

Hi Alison, I think Mews are a prog band in spirit and I loved the Porcupine Tree gig. I've just done some work recently with Steven Wilson and we've become friends. I'm looking forward to having him onboard at the Shepherds Bush Empire. Hope you can come!

Tal Eylon: Is there any new album planned?

Hi Tal, yes I'm working on it for next year. Meanwhile there's a live one that'll be available both on tour and online.

Zulhelmi Sabri: What is the latest album you've listened to?

Hi Zulhelmi, the last album I was listening to was a collection of the works of Grieg.

Bora Çetin: I want to ask something from last album; "Out Of The Tunnel's Mouth". I wonder about the last song; "Last Train To Istanbul"? It's very exciting for me (and sure all Turkish fans). Will you please tell me, the story behind this song? Thank yo...u. Best wishes from Istanbul.

Hi Bora, I heard some great Turkish music in Sarajevo, Bosnia wafting through the air in a bazaar. I was impressed by both the place and the music. My partner Jo said that she remembered a similar atmosphere in Istanbul. I'd really like to go there sometime.

Will Fender Mellors: Hi Steve, I play guitar and I wondered what equipment you use to acheive your guitar sounds? Best wishes from Devon.

Hi Will, these days I use a Fernandes sustainer plus a Sans Amp plus various reverbs and echoes. My latest toy is a digitech whammy pedal.

Ramiro Ezequiel Moreno: I wanna know what your distortion/overdrive pedal of choice is. I wanna nail those "Firth of Fifth" tones.

Hi Ramiro, the Sans Amp is the one I use these days. Originally I used a tonebender plus an echoplex.

Eargasm! Oh yeah..

Jim Buntinx: Did you ever had the chance to meet Andrès Segovia (or any other icon of the classical guitar) in person? What was the most enlightening comment you had from him that might have influenced you in your work?

Hi Jim, I never met Andres Segovia but saw him play live in London. He's perhaps the most magical guitarist of all time. I haven't met any of my classical guitar heroes.

Jon Dahms: We know you are a modest guy Steve but the writing and sound on A Trick of the Tail & Wind & Wuthering are utter legend. The live sound on Seconds Out is just stunning... how did you develop that unique sound?

Hi Jon, at times I tried to make the guitar sound like a violin but sometimes it sounds more like brass. The electric has a versatile character which can sound very much like a woman's voice from time to time...

Lee Ritchie: Hello Steve, hello Jo. I know I keep mentioning it but - Hammer in the Sand - how did that title come about? Is there some meaning? It's still my favourite track by a long, long way. Please play it at Holmfirth. Pleeeeeeaaaase?

Hi Lee, I'm glad you like the track. I was thinking of Russia at the time and also Rachmaninov. Maybe we'll play it at some point down the line... I'm proud of that one.

Anthony Ferraro: Please, will the Live at Montreux 1980 see a proper release on DVD..

Hi Anthony, I hope so, at some point.

Tommy Seidita: Hi Steve, I recall reading when you auditioned with Genesis you had them come to your home and you and your brother played them some stuff you had written. I was wondering if that those tunes ever got used on any of your solo or Genesis' albums.

Hi Tommy, yes, we played the piece which became the coda of The Hermit on Voyage of the Acolyte.

Genesis ketika bersama dengan Peter Gabriel.

Andy W Nichols: Steve, do you have a particular favorite classical piece? Although not guitar, my hands down fav. is Bruch's violin concerto in G. Spine tingling!

Hi Andy, I'm a big classical fan. I like Bruch - in particular the violin concerto and his wonderful symphony no.3.

Dan Trachtenberg: Steve, When is the live album coming out? Any more NY dates?

I'm hoping that it'll be ready for the UK tour next month. No more NY dates yet, but looking into more USA dates for next year.

Bob Humphrey: Love the classical albums. Any chance of playing live in full with orchestra? Not cheap sure but what about as part of the Proms? What a great show it would be!

Hi Bob, sounds like a good idea. I'll try to fit it round the rock 'n roll and I'd love to play with an orchestra again sometime.

Mike Grant: When Steve left Genesis, what motivated this move from such a successful band and did he ever regret this move at the time?

Hi Mike, the lure of new music unfettered by committee decisions proved irresistible. I was unsure at first but I didn't regret the move.

Mark Feggeler: If you could pick a few dream musicians to collaborate with for a special song or two, regardless of the difficulty of recreating the song on the road without them, who would they be?

Hi Mark, I'd love to play with Anthony Phillips, Graham Nash and Ritchie Havens.

Sally Ing: My favourite Beatle was George Harrison, he wrote many beautiful melodies, some of them still signifcant today. Who was your favourite, if you had one. I`m a nightowl but also a daydreamer do either you or Jo have these traits and do you find that it helps to be so when you`re composing your music? Sorry that this question comes late. Have just finished getting my 8 yo & 3 1/2 yo`s uniforms and lunches ready for school.

Hi Sally, I love the Beatles both all together and individually - I don't have a favourite. I normally write first thing in the morning when others are still sleeping! Jo refers to either last thing at night or first thing in the morning as "the hour of poetry".

Many thanks everyone! Til the next time,

Warmest wishes,


  • Untuk sesi soal jawab versi penuh, sila ke PART 1, PART 2 & PART 3.
  • Kemungkinan akan ada kelibat piano klasikal ala Grieg untuk album yang akan datang.
  • Seperti biasa akan ada lagi sesi soal jawab di facebook page Steve Hackett dalam dua atau tiga minggu sekali.
  • Steve Hackett pernah datang ke Malaysia dan dia ada tulis pengalaman dan pandangannnya tentang Malaysia kat SINI.

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